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Steven B. Damelin, Unit for Advances in Mathematics and its Applications, USA, Willard Miller, Jr, University of Minnesota. Subjects: Numerical Analysis and Computational Science, Communications and Signal Processing, Mathematical Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, Differential.
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The demonstrations and programming exercises are done using Python under Ubuntu, and the references and materials for the course come from open online repositories. We are also distributing with open licenses the software and materials developed for the course.

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  2. Mathematics and Signal Processing in Acoustics - Current Projects!
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  6. Good lectures with a focus on practical applications. Good introduction to how signal processing can be used for musical analysis, and more specifically how to use the Essentia library.

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    Very well explained and organized course material. The classes are also very detailed and special emphasis is put on illustrating every concept with example plots. Introduction to the course, to the field of Audio Signal Processing, and to the basic mathematics needed to start the course. Introductory demonstrations to some of the software applications and tools to be used. Introduction to Python and to the sms-tools package, the main programming tool for the course.

    Event: 10th IMA Conference on Mathematics in Signal Processing | EMS

    Audio Signal Processing for Music Applications. Enroll for Free. The exposition is organized into four parts. The first is a discussion of one-dimensional Fourier theory, including the classical results on convergence and the Poisson sum formula. The second part is devoted to the mathematical foundations of signal processing - sampling, filtering, digital signal processing.

    Fourier analysis in Hilbert spaces is the focus of the third part, and the last part provides an introduction to wavelet analysis, time-frequency issues, and multiresolution analysis. An appendix provides the necessary background on Lebesgue integrals.

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    What I liked most is the part on subband coding and the fact that bioorthogonal bases are discussed …. A nice feature of the text is that it stimulates the reader to actively assimilate the material because the theorems almost all the proofs are included are interlaced with exercises challenging to immediately apply what has been explained.

    It is likely that engineers will gain mostly from it, but it is also of interest to applied mathematicians who will see developments in the repercussions of their discipline in the applications area. The presentation is clear, concise and self-contained …. This is a strong benefit which makes that I can highly recommend the book to readers with a strong mathematical background. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

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